LIMITED TIME | Flavor Crazy Summer Assortment

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We decided to have a Flavor Crazy Summer at our kitchen this year. Our caramel crew thoroughly taste tested 14 different flavors and voted for their top five favorites. Now we want to share them with you!

This assorted box set includes a 5pc caramel box of each of the following flavors:

Maple Bacon - grade A robust maple syrup and natural bacon flavoring oil create this breakfast in a bite treat

Churro - a hefty amount of ground cinnamon is cooked right into our original caramel recipe and then dunked into 55% semi-sweet chocolate 

Cookies & Cream - 100% cocoa powder, some extra vanilla, and crumbled gluten free chocolate sandwich cookie pieces will have you going back for more

Black Cherry - natural black cherry flavoring is added to our original recipe and then blanketed in 55% semi-sweet chocolate to knock your socks off

Red Hot Cinnamon - sweet ground cinnamon hits your taste buds first and then the heat kicks in curtesy of habanero powder WARNING: SPICY