Luxe Bulk Caramel Gift Box

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Customers have purchased our luxe gift boxes to send to local hospitals and ICUs or to healthcare workers that they know and love. An idea was born - let's help give back together! 

For every luxe gift box purchased, we will donate 10% to the First Responders Children's Foundation, a very worthwhile organization that strives to help those who sacrifice their own health and wellbeing for us each day!

Help us spread some caramel love to those who need it right now. Send a sweet surprise that will put a smile on their face or fuel them during a grueling day at work.


Both boxes are filled with an assortment of all 5 caramel flavors: original, sea salt, OMG!, chocolate sea salt, and chesapeake. Customized assortments are not available for online orders.

3 LB. = approximately 108 caramels

5 LB. = approximately 180 caramels