Our Sweet Story

Mouth Party Caramel was founded on January 1, 2007. The purpose? To share what I believe to be the most delectable caramel on the planet. (Too much??...naaah.)

The original vanilla caramel started it all and is derived from Jane Drake Cummings’ four generation old family recipe. The combination of a few simple ingredients - cream, butter, sugar, corn syrup, and vanilla - create something utterly transcendent. Jane, who has been married to my father for over 40 years, first shared her family secret with me when I was in middle school. GAME OVER - I was hooked.

In 2006, when Jane became ill with Lymphoma for a second time, we discussed the possibility of selling her scrumptious caramels. I decided to take the plunge and founded Mouth Party Caramel with the commitment to give to cancer research and support initiatives in recognition of Jane's fight and determination, as well as that of my sister Lee - a three time lung cancer survivor.

We give - not because it's good for our conscience or trendy, but because individually and collectively we CAN make a difference. We give both our products and a percentage of our net profits to the organizations and initiatives near and dear to us all. So, for every single caramel we sell, we give a little back.

In the sixteen years since its inception, the company has survived two total loss floods, expanded our caramel product line, and relocated to a 8,000sf kitchen facility, and grown our crew of incredible caramelistas. Jane remains well and Mouth Party Caramel has won the hearts and stomachs of many! We continue to craft small batch, handmade, mouthwatering, gourmet soft caramels that you are sure to love.