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It all began with the original vanilla caramel derived from Jane Drake Cummings’ four-generation-old family recipe. Jane, who has been married to my father for over 35 years, is a two-time cancer survivor.  In recognition of her fight and determination, as well as that of my sister – a three-time cancer survivor – we have embraced the mission to end cancer.  So, for every single little caramel we sell, we give a little back.  That’s a big motivator in crafting each one of our ridiculously good caramels. The more people love them and buy them, the more we can grow and give. 

We donate our caramel products to hospitals, schools, churches, community groups and other organizations as auction items, swag bag gifts, and dessert favors.  It is our hope that our products can help raise funds and awareness for myriad community inspired initiatives. 

We give annual financial donations to select cancer related initiatives and organizations.  Thankfully, there are many local and national organizations each trying to make a meaningful difference in the fight to end cancer.  Our donations are often given to lesser known and more grassroots organizations in an effort to help them to have a greater impact.

Mouth Party Caramel also gives financial contributions to small community projects such as providing lanterns for elementary school students in Puerto Rico or supporting a student’s fundraising efforts by corporate sponsorship.

We also provide a grassroots opportunity for people of all ages to raise funds for charitable events such as; hospital benefits, school and holiday fairs, or walk-a-thons.   Organizations and individuals working to raise money for a charitable cause may purchase our products at wholesale cost, and in turn sell the products at the retail price, donating the profits to their chosen charitable cause.   

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to us and we can begin moving your cause forward together! 

Giving back is the bedrock of our company mission.  Small things – especially small delicious things – can make all the difference in the world.  Just think…every time you enjoy our ridiculously delicious caramels, or give them to someone else, you’re not only making yourself happy, you’re doing good. 

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