"I just have to drop a little note about these heavenly, melt-in-your mouth caramels!  I usually don't write to any one company but these things, by far, are exceptional!!  I hate to admit it, but when I buy them, I actually hide the majority from my kids and husband!!  And the fact that the proceeds always go to a good cause impede the feeling of guilt when I can't just eat one...or two... ok, maybe three at a time!  It's a win-win situation…thanks so much for existing!!!" :)
— Helen

"I received my first taste of Mouth Party caramels as a Christmas gift and have been in love every since.  I had to order an assortment for my office.  We love every last bite.  When Coldstone Creamery in Timonium made them into an ice cream I was in heaven.  Everyone needs to have a mouth party in their life."
— Anjalissa

"This is by far some of the best caramels I've had, once you have a taste you will crave them.  My favorites are the maple and sea salt yummy! Even my Doberman likes them he ate a bag of six of them in less than a minute, I think he was playing eat it in a minute like the show minute to win it!"
— Dianna

"My sister is Carol Green, who I believe you do business with.  She brought me a sample of your candy and I was beyond delighted and impressed.  I do not like candy all that much but found your caramels the best chocolate I have EVER had in my life.  I have traveled all over the world and have never had anything that even comes close to this candy.  Next year I will be giving all my clients this candy as a gift. You make an incredible product.  I will be advertising your website to all my clients. Thank you."
— Mary

"One of the ladies I work with gave me a small gift box today that held your sea salt caramels.  I just had to email you to tell you that they're absolutely amazing!!!  I am a diabetic of course and not supposed to have sweets, however for a special occasion I treat myself to something sweet.  Well, all the girls in the office were just going on and on about how good they were that I just could not wait…and I'm glad I didn't!  The caramel was smooth and sweet with just the right amount of salt…what a perfect combination! Thank you for creating the perfect caramel!"
— Sheila


"I love mouth party caramels! They are nut free so if you have allergies like me you can enjoy a good treat! I know a lot of the nurses on my floor at Johns Hopkins love the caramels and sometimes they are bought for the whole floor!"
— Shira

"Just received my box of chocolate caramels with sea salt. Not only was I truly impressed with your packaging and the handwritten thank you, the caramels are so delightful. I will definitely order again and again. Thank you!"
— Tara

"I received my box ordered from Jasmere today. OMG OMG and I soooo happy I took them to work. They are sinfully good. Everyone in the office cannot stop eating them. Thank you and worth the wait."
— Malikah

"Addictive, mouth watering soft pillows of loveliness."
— Eileen

"Amazing product- I can eat one and my sweet tooth is happy! Could this be a new weight control secret?"
— Lucy

"I received my box of Sea Salt Caramels yesterday and OMG!..... they are INCREDIBLE! Just the right amount of salty and sweet...delicious :) By far the best caramels I've ever eaten. Thank you!"
— Michelle

"Congratulations on a superior product!...in other words, I've already ordered more for me and some for a friend!"
— Wendy

"OMG I think these are the best caramels ever. The sea salt are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. (And you get to keep your dental work, too!)"
— Katherine

"First, love, love LOVE your caramels. Be-yond. Jeremy Kugel at Jasmere sent them to me as a gift and I've never had a better caramel in my life - that sea salt is the bomb."
— BreeAnn C.

"I bought your regular and OMG Caramels for my husband for vday. He doesn't eat candy. Carmel is the only thing he will even touch, and he is very very particular.  It has to be super soft, or not at all. When he ate your Caramels he about fell over! They are perfect for him,(and me) and my vday gift was a huge hit. I will DEFINITELY buy from you again."
— Holly M.

"OK...I bought MOUTH PARTY candy for hubby for Valentine's Day. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it, and guess what? It is SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDD! People weren't hyping it up. It is REALLY that good. And for them to add chocolate for us Jasmere-ians...OMG is a perfect name. Thank you Mouth Party! Unbelievable YUM!"
— Michelle

"The OMG are a gift from heaven! Super yummy...now, can you figure out a way to remove the calories! They are so good that I don't want to share...but I will!"
— Barbara

"Just finished the first of two boxes of the new chocolate covered sea salt caramel ordered throught the Jasmere special! They are AMAZING! My mom-in-law is back forth to Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center frequently and I am so pleased you share profits with them! This gives me great incentive to buy them not just for myself but for the (too) many friends and family touched by cancer! GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT BUSINESS PHILOSOPY!"
— Lisa

"I have never tasted anything quite so good as the Mouth Party OMG! caramels. Can't wait until they are featured again."
— Kimberly

"Just had to let you know that someone gave me Goa chocolate covered caramels with sea salt, and I just tried one…YUCK – no comparison to Mouth Party."
— Lisa

"Ahhh, Mouth Party caramels are truly the dinner of champions – YUM!"
— Madeline

"My office received a box of caramels…Bravo, the best!"
— John

"I just thought you'd like to know that I took some of your MP Salted Caramels to London with me earlier this month. They were a gift for a friend, with whom I was having dinner, planned at her home. But she and her husband invited me to his place of work instead - the House of Lords at Parliament! He's a Lord, the First Sea Lord, and Admiral of the Fleet, as well as the ex-head of the UK's version of Homeland Security. In other words, a big deal! I got an e-mail from Lord & Lady West two days later and they told me that the had eaten all of the caramels, vying them up between them! They were so impressed with them, and just raved about them. In fact, the caramels got a better "review" than the cashmere scarf I gave Lady West! So your delicious caramels now have fans on both sides of the pond!"
— Meg
 (ps. got them from my friends at With Gratitude!)